Summer Time

Another school year has come to a close and now we find ourselves facing summer.  This summer will be different because of COVID 19 virus.  Our youth camp and Mission Trip has been cancel due to the virus and travel restrictions.  VBS has been pushed back to July to give more time with the social distancing restrictions.  This summer will be hard for vacations and the lack of money due to so many losing their jobs.  So many people are asking, “What shall we do.”  God has given us time not to worry but to focus on Jesus Christ.  Let’s use this summer to grow in the name of Jesus.

Summer with JESUS

Census 2020

As a Pastor in Hendry County, Florida for the last 24 years, I know how important for the county to be counted by the government during the Census.  Hendry county usually reports low in Census counting, which hurts us each time the census is taken.  So far in the census counting, only 36.7% of our county has filled out the census.  People forget that many of the government program counties receive come from the census data.  This year has been especially hard with COVID 19 virus and how people were to shelter in place.  Many people have forgotten to take the time to fill out the census form.  This year the census form is so easy that it would only take a few minutes to fill out.  People can go to and get information to fill out the census.  Please take time to today to fill out your 2020 census and lets fully represent Hendry County.


New Adult Bible Study

On Sunday, May 24, 2020, we will start a new Bible study for adults at 5pm.  Our New Study is “The Real Heaven” by Chip Ingram. This study will be a little different, you will watch, The Real Heaven video on Right Now media before our sessions and we will discuss that weeks video on Google Meet.  A worksheet will be sent to you so you can take notes as you watch the videos.  Individuals may also purchase the Real Heaven study book if they would like to.  Please email pastor frank if you are interested in this study and if you have any questions at

The Real Heaven


Congratulations to our 2020 High School Seniors

Sydney Battams, Megan Brown,  Maddy Coker,  Mykala Cox,  Jacob Farewell,  Noah Garza,  Frances Gillick, Keila Herrera,  Jackson Hogan,  Chloe Horton,  Katelyn Mann,  Trey Mills,  Dillon White,  Austin Wilcox.

Please keep in prayer our 2020 High School Seniors!

class of 2020

A Big Thank You

On Sunday, April 19, 2020, I came into the sanctuary to see posters of all shapes and sizes representing you and your family.  I had no idea that this was being done.  It changed the way I preached this past Sunday having your pictures and posters in the sanctuary and in the seats you sit in.  It was amazing and I would like to thank each of you who participate in this.  Thank You!