Full Tim e Church Secretary Needed

We are looking for a new full-time church secretary at First Baptist Church LaBelle. We are located at 330 N. Main Street, LaBelle, FL. 33935. This person will average 35 to 40 hours a week. The job will be 1/2 secretarial and 1/2 bookkeeper. All interested parties should come by the church to pick up a job description and application. If you have questions, please call the church office at 863-675-2171.

Compassion International

On Sunday, May 22, 2022, we will be sharing about Compassion International in both services. Compassion is a Christian organization that supports children all over the world. Emily Schroeder will be sharing a video and speaking about Compassion in both services. Emily will have packets of new children that can be supported through your monthly gifts.

Memorial Service for Michelle Bryant

Michelle Rene’ Bryant, 53 of LaBelle passed away Sunday, May 1, 2022.

She was born in Avon Park, Florida to Granville Leroy Bryant and Eva Mae Albritton Bryant.

She was predeceased by her father, Granville Leroy Bryant; her infant son, John Michael Velasco;   brothers: Granville L Bryant, Jr “Lucky”, and Glen L. Wynn; aunts: Shirley Albritton Chavis and Patricia Albritton Mathers.

She is survived by her daughter: Melissa A. Velasco; mother: Eva Mae Albritton Bryant, brothers: George B. Bryant “Packy” (wife Kip) and Marvin H Turner, III;  sisters: Debra Turner White (husband Bobby) and Lisa Tindell Watson (husband Jerry).

Michelle had a relationship with our Savior and was baptized and attended many churches over the years.  And currently was attending, Christ Central Church.

Although she struggled all her life with epilepsy, she was very independent and liked to participate where she could. Michelle loved her family and being together at family birthdays and holidays. Growing up she loved to roller skate, go fishing, theme parks, and roller coasters. She also participated in the Special Olympics where she won several awards.  She really loved Karate where she earned a blue belt. She graduated from kindergarten at First Baptist Church LaBelle in 1974.  She received several honors in Labelle Middle and High School and was very active in the high school choir and graduated in 1987.

She worked in the fast-food industry and Winn Dixie when she was able.  Also, volunteered at the RCMA and other community functions. She had a big heart and was always looking to help someone in need.

Unable to drive, she loved her motorized chair, which helped her have the independence she wanted.  She scooted around town, in her adult life. And everyone connected with her when they saw her.

The family wishes to express their appreciation to everyone that helped and show love to Michelle over the years. A Memorial Service will be held at First Baptist Church LaBelle on Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 10 am. Rev. Mitchel Wills & Rev. Frank Deerey Jr will be officiating.


Our Missions committee last Sunday reviewed our present Missions giving and listen to a couple from the community who are looking for support as they are planning to go to Japan.

We are presently giving to Echo, Casa David in HondurasBrian & Pearl in Vienna, Jeff & Carmon, Agape House, Bible Fund-Jail ministry, Fort Myers Children’s Home, Operation Backpack, Guidestone Mission Dignity. We are adding this new family that is planning to go to Japan as well. This will bring our Local Missions giving to $950 a month plus CP, Royal Palm, and Benevolence.

We also give to the Cooperative Program 10%, Royal Palm Association 2%, Local Missions 3%, and 1% to our Benevolence fund.

We are so thankful that we can give this money to support local and foreign missions. Through your gives each month we are able to do this. Praise the Lord!

What is a Congregation?

On Wednesday of this week, I read some articles in my Logos Bible Software. I came across this question, “What is a congregation?” They had five responses. I would like to see which one of these responses you would say is the right answer.

  1. A building where God’s presence dwells
  2. A group of people worshipping, learning, and serving the Messiah.
  3. A religious club where meetings are held.
  4. A school to learn the Bible.
  5. A House of Prayer.

How to Pray for Judgement House

We will do Judgement House at Frist Baptist Church LaBelle, March 25-27, 2022. On Friday & Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm and on Sunday from 4 pm to 8pm. Several people have asked how they could pray for Judgement House, so please see the Prayer Guide below.


Please pray for each of these items as the Holy Spirit leads

  • Harmony and unity and a spirit of cooperation–for all involved and all the church. Pray for only positive words to be spoken to each other. 
  • Peace-for Room Directors and those with speaking parts to remove the jitters and for the ability to remember their lines. 
  • Commitment-for workers to be able to meet the responsibility of their assignments and for those needed to step in when situations occur. 
  • Good health – for the participants and their families during the presentation; for the voices in all speaking parts; for the physical and spiritual energy needed to see the task to the end. 
  • Publicity–for the outlets needed to get the word out to the community. 
  • Registration-pray for those working registration as they will be the first to interact with many of the people as they arrive (especially the walk-ins); for the ability to schedule the walk-ins without much delay. 
  • The cast-pray for the seriousness of the presentation and to be focused for God’s glory; for each individual’s prayer before and after tours. 
  • The Community – pray that God is already moving in the hearts of the people of our own community.

The Follow Up – for the follow-up and the discipleship process of those that make decisions.

Why Present Judgement House?

  1.  It’s Effective

Judgement House has the unique ability to communicate the gospel message to a wide variety of audiences. People of different ages, races, denominations and spiritual maturity engage in an experience that challenges them to make a decision about Jesus Christ and His sacrificial offer of salvation. Judgement House remains one of the only evangelistic tools to see 10% of its participants make a first time profession of faith.

  • It’s Transforms The Church and Ministry

Judgement House doesn’t just impact those who attend the presentation; it has the ability to transform the ministry hosting the presentation. From your church’s outreach ministry to the members of your congregation, Judgement House is relevant. Since its inception in 1983 more than 3,000 cast members have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. 

  •  It is Time – Tested

For almost 30 years, Judgement House has proven itself to be engaging, relevant, scalable, and repeatable. 

  • Over 5 million people have attended a Judgement House.
  • Over 500,000 people have accepted Christ.
  • More than 600 churches, both large and small, have produced successful presentations. 
  •  It is Prayer Based

Prayer is essential for a successful Judgement House presentation. Prayer teams follow each tour group, praying for the spiritual needs of each individual in the tour group. A prayer room is constantly staffed with people lifting up every aspect of the production and its cast. Prayer happens before the drama begins and after every scene is performed. 

Please be in prayer as we present Judgement House “Crosswalk” to our community in LaBelle, Florida at First Baptist Church LaBelle. March 25 to March 27, 2022. On Friday & Saturday from 6 to 8 pm and on Sunday, from 4 pm to 8pm. Please use this link to sign up for Judgement House.


Help my little friend

My little friend is being mistreated.

I hope you can help my little friend. He is locked in a closet and never used because it is hard work to unlock that closet and use me when there is a cordless vacuum that is on the wall in the hall. Even though my friend does a better job than that cordless vacuum that is on the wall. To add to insult someone has taken his cleaning wand to my little friend and so now he can’t do his job completely. My friend would like to do his job but he needs your help.

Church Parsonage Sold

On March 1, 2022, the president of our corporation sign the papers to sell the parsonage to St. Matthews House of Naples. The monies we received from the sale went into our Debt Retirement fund for the education building. We plan to put this amount on our debt retirement and help to pay off our loan as soon as possible. If you want to help pay our loan off as soon as possible, please make your checks out to First Baptist Church LaBelle. On the memo line, you can put Building Fund. If you would like to mail your check to our Building Fund, the church address is P.O. Box 369 LaBelle, FL. 33975.

Our education building has been such a blessing to us. Our preschool & Day Care, Sunday School classes, Mommie & Me, R.A.’s & G.A.’s, Mission Friends, St. Matthew Men classes, VBS, Judgement House and so much more. God is good. Paying off this building as soon as possible will help the church continue to move in the direction God wants for us.

Pray for Ukraine

Each Sunday we have been praying for the people of Ukraine. It is so hard to think about what they are going through. Bombs are exploding nearby, watching their neighbors being killed by these bombs. The hunger, sickness, and homelessness they are facing now. There are unaccompanied children at the borders and human traffickers who are taking advantage of young female refugees. The horror of war has come to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We Praise the Lord for the churches in neighboring countries that are opening their churches and trying to meet the needs of the refugees. Our International Missions Board is in Poland and other border countries helping these refugees as much as possible. The Send Relief fund of the Internationa Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention is working to help these people. Our church sent $1,000 to the International Send Relief fund of the International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention to help the people of Ukraine. Please join me to continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Grace Martial Arts

Saved and Safe! “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

First Baptist Church of LaBelle

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